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[sticky post] Sticky

Info on my creations and my game in general

Magic Town for The Sims 3

Hello! I, along with many of you, loved Makin’ Magic for TS1. One of my favorite parts was Magic Town and that is what I am here to present to you today; Magic Town made into a Sims 3 world!

“Recently, there’s been talk of strange happenings at the edge of town. Word on the street is that merchants and carnivals have arrived, bringing with them a menagerie of strange, spooky and even magical things. There’s also a new cab company advertising family rides to Magic Town, Maybe you should give them a call.”

I have taken the existing world and expanded it to incorporate elements for TS3. I have taken the time to try and make 1:1 recreations of the original lots.

I have ALL EPs and a few SPs. This world is deigned for all EPs so I don’t recommend trying to use it without them. But there is NO CC or Store content used :) (Not even Riverview)

NOT setup for Awesome Story (not every house has a crib/cot)

  • 30 Empty houses (a mix of my own buildings and edited bin lots)
  • 10 Empty Lots (1 20x20, 2 30x30, 6 30x20s, 1 64x64)
  • A Working Festival lot
  • The Supernatural Hangout is b freudroid
  • The House “Cozy Craftsman” is b SimmyRN

The world is basically finished; things will only be changed if I or you find an issue. I think I included all spawners (at least one of each). Un-populated but I may make a populated version if I feel up to it.